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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Faraway (Sound Storm)

Faraway. i lived in the kingdom of light I earned light to the sky I held the ranks of the lord Now i am jailed, among the eternal flames i Faraway. i was blessed by the sun I flew high above the sky I wanted to reign in this world Now my feathered wings are pitch black I have nothing more to believe in Faraway, flying between heaven and earth Faraway, i was amazed when i felt How' awful the goodness is My coming was near, the battle was lost but my Vengeance will be. my lord This is my reign, under his earth, sorrow for my betrayal I have no remorse, no regrets, waiting for revenge You will have the power, you will have the glory If sanctify my name Far away, surrounded by an ocean of flame It's always better than (being) a slave Here. i'm the master of hell Faraway All my demons will fight again Faraway I'm not yet defeated, if you will fear my name Faraway Wait, my legions will come to you Faraway Sitting here on my throne I'm waiting for my revenge