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Don't Cry, Dry Your Eyes (Fugees)

Yes, Refugee Camp (Yeah, Yeah Refugee Camp uh! Ah!) Yo, It never stops, what?! We comin' back! (Murder that boy!) Ninety seven to two thousand, check it! (Ha! Ha! La!) Jericho sound No Woman No Cry (We 'bout to set it!) Yes! Yes! (We 'bout to set it!) Yo! We 'bout to set it! (L-Boogie, yes yo, what?!) We 'bout to set it! (We 'bout to set it!) Yes! We 'bout to set it! (We 'bout to set it!) Yo, L won't take the mark though I swim with sharks I make the dark see the light Board the ark for forty nights Times reveal a broken seal, like a (pause) fiend steal You for fake, I'm for real, like Jesus Christ's last meal You make deals with devils The soul descends infinite levels Pray to God I see the next, re-scripture in Holy text then ask to be forgiven for premarital sex In the same breath I speak with death about the times and how many joined his army over bullshit rhymes You see L change the topic, clear as fiber-optics Make talk about your clothes become microscopic decisions Young bitches in prison, messing 'round with that life Thug, drug dealer wife Consequence cut like a knife, then we learned that only Jah and God can protect You know the story, housing projects is purgatory So, teach the youths they got more rights than Miranda Tell 'em this whole shit is propaganda! Word! Yo, sound system, you know what I'm sayin'? Jericho Sound, system! Turn up your sound, systems! Yo, here he comes down the road A black Maserati, what up Raheem? (What up? What up? What up?) He never fought unless necessary You shot at? He shot back The whole block felt the bang Last man to fight with his fists his name was Jackie Chan Not Charles Brownson Once you hear the whistle, even Grandmas is stackin' up on old wooden pistols Nobody's thinking by the time you're done blinking Cold freezer, so your body won't be stinkin' Read the will, he left the bills for his daughter Soleil Last words written just before he got killed Woman cry (Crying) Why wasn't I the one? Not knowing, the omen was her son Damien! (Demonic voice in background) Father forgive 'em, for they know not what they done Their meaning of fun is who can draw the quicker gun Easy with the fizi Second rate the violence Those who disagree hear your ashes blow in silence! Yo! Turn up your sound system! This is the Refugee Camp! Jericho Sound System! Know what I'm sayin'? Te Bass production! Refugee Camp collaboration! Turn up your sound system! Come on! Turn up your boom system! This is how we do, turn it up, come on! From the heart of Kingston, to the streets of Brooklyn-Marcy All the way to the highest peak of any frequency, uh! Illegal aliens, them all run invasions Broadcasting all over your radio stations (radio station!) Mathematics, lead me to believe there's mysteries in numbers Lightning and thunder Enough, ribbons in the sky (ribbon in the sky!) To make Stevie Wonder and man it works, to say I come from down under (come from down under!) The wiz kid got no ride You frontin' at the bar (you frontin' at the bar!) You ain't a star You rolled up in somebody else's car (you rolled up in somebody else's car!) You know the deal! BMW, Black Man Walking, came home your Timberlands was talkin'! (uh huh) (Addressing Jeru) Niggas jealous 'cause the truth I said in Zealots Well let me tell it, Without Premier you couldn't sell it! Murder that boy! We 'bout to set it, Yes! Yes! Jericho Sound! L-Boogie you know what I'm sayin? We gonna come like Star Wars, you know what I'm saying? We 'bout to set it! Nineteen ninety seven to the year two thousand and one! Ichi-Bang! Even in Japan! Yo, L you know the flavor! Battle star galactical! Who want to battle?! Battle star galactical! Come on! You know the flavor! Jericho Allstars (Something in Creole) You know what I'm saying? You know, like the V Remember V, the old show we used to watch that? Yo, you know what I mean?! We 'bout to set it! Know what I'm sayin'! We 'bout to take y'all, you know what I'm sayin'?! Remember Mork & Mindy? We used to sit back, Happy Days you know what I'm saying? We 'bout to set it, but yo! Kids ain't playin' that no more, know what I'm sayin'? Niggas packin' pistols, once you hear the whistle, we 'bout to set it! You know what I mean? Yo! You know the flavor! You know what I mean?! Yo man! You know what I'm saying?! Good Times, J.J