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Temple (Fugees)

Delivered straight from the temple Hip-hop ya don't stop One o' clock, two o' clock, three o' clock, ROCK!! Well as an infant I was born into religion My mother called me back - this brother she forgot to mention Was just one baptist - me! The stories o' God sent His only forgotten sooonnn who gave his life to make sure that I would have one As I learned in Sunday School, he's got to care of who's ready to disrespect, my mother and father would be Taboo But as I grew, I met a Jew, a Catholic and the pastor just couldn't figure out where baptist fit Hastily ya paid me that'cha make me sing Brother has confronted me, mister ?? I get Jehovah, a Buddha or shall I call you Adder or though rich for tellin' me brother I just like to be a scholar on the subject called realogy So that's how I might figure why they call themselves Christians, ya still call me nigga And off to store a black hole leaves no control over thought I leave my body to see the pits go high when the physical takes control No communications with the inner stealth The prize is the up the wise, wise who has a spiritual health Now to explain they had the problems/visions of gettin' along with herself She bought a corner, cornered herself and becomes a mourner Logic brothers... (Ahhh, yo sister can Praswell and Wyclef get some, check it out) Delivered straight from the temple Hip-hop ya don't stop One o' clock, two o' clock, three o' clock, ROCK!! Delivered straight from the (TEMPLE), I had no time to (SAMPLE) My cousin's name was (SAMUEL), I wasn't allowed to use the turntables My dad was a preacher, so rap music was your devilism And if it wasn't say: Thank You Lord, I couldn't listen So why you s-sneak to listen to DJ Red Alert? To check the competition, a DJ Red Alert goes berserk Cause as a young lad, I had a big rap pad Cause he who wanted to practice would someday be the greatest guy So I checked them as they flippin' sometimes They're not flippin', they think they rippin'-rappin' the only rappin' they doin' is in they room before they packin' You gained the world sucker, but you lost your soul (The devil approach you us, all you do is tell a foe) Life after death could be eternal fire So some get blunted but you're back all on this when it's all over Mama said that blunt was a stunt to the brain So some say: I don't smoke but on a sneak-tip he sniff coke He won the lotto but now he dies of an overdose While the bum he picked a hole to sleep he wanted a deep throat So ask yourself the question: Who's really maxin'? Cause some check in but don't check out and either Hell or Heaven high But to some Earth is Hell and Heaven's death So they predict to be Haiti's and kill till there's nothin' left, hah But I'ma hit with a gun, that's harder than all guns Mic check from the temple, check the Tech (And start the nuzzle to get wreck) Can I get a witness? (Check the Tech) Get wreck (Check the Tech), check the Tech (And start the nuzzle to get wreck), can I get a witness? (Check the Techs), here we go yo Well I arrive let me tell you what I see in my third eye Many die they call a battle, they got crucified Justice, is righteous, in the eyes of the beholder While the, younger the better but the, older the wiser Mama used to read in deep from the book of powers But the bird said the word was absurd, have ya heard? Knowledge - I come to teach while I increase ya decrease Some say peace, but on a street a .45's my piece Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise me two things try all my cheap - COME!! On the nineteenth of October I remember startin' my life as a natural leaver Cause I lick one-two-three-four-five-six-seven shots While any priest here builds his church on a solid rock, hit me So feel the spirit comin' from the Heaven above (Ay, Pras, how could you be a hood in full of so much love?) I said: On every man chest there breathes a heart Hip-hop where it starts, I tried to master the art, come on!!