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The Beast (Fugees)

Warn the town the beast is loose, Word 'em up y'all C'mon Conflicts with night sticks Illegal sales districts, Hand-picked lunatics, keep poli-TRICK-cians rich Heretics push narcotics amidst its risks and frisks, Cool cliques throw bricks but seldom hit targets Private-DIC sell hits, like porno-flicks do chicks. The 666 cut W.I.C. like Newt Gingrich SUCKS D*** Meanwhile the government brings Star Wars from glocks to glockers C.O.P. has an APB out on Chewbacca Mista Mayor, can I say something in yo honor Yesterday in Central Park they got the Jogger Okay, okay. Let's get the confusion straight in ghetto Gotham The man behind the mask you thought was Batman is Bill Clinton. Who soon retire, the roof is on fire Connie Chung brung the bomb as it comes from Oklahoma Things are getting serious, Kuumbaya, On a mountain satan offered me, Manhattan help me Jah Jah You can't search me without probable cause Or that proper ammunition they call reasonable suspicion Listen I bring friction to your whole jurisdiction You planted seeds in my seat when I wasn't lookin. Now you ask me for my license/registration "WHAT THE F**K" is my name "WHAT THE F**K" is my occupation Well I'm an MC, I'm down with the Fugees Mother Mary caught a flashback like Rodney now the cops got Lolly. The subconscious psychology that you use against me, If I lose control will send me to the penetentiary Such as Alcatraz, or shot up like al Hajj Malik Shabazz High class get bypassed while my ass gets harrassed. And the fuzz treat bruh's like they manhood never was, And if you too powerful, you get bugged like Peter Tosh and Marley was. And my word does nothing against the feds, So my eyes stay red as I chase crazy bald heads, WORD UP. Warn the town the beast is loose, Ah - ah, Ah - ah Word 'em up y'all The chase is on I feel like the bad guy Fifth gear 125 like New Jersey drive Looked in my rear view mirror Police was getting closer Heard a roar in the sky, Looked up and saw the Blue Thunder. My inner conscious says throw your handkerchief and surrender, BUT TO WHO??? The star spangled banner ooh. Say can't you see cops more crooked than we By the dawn's early night robbin' niggas for kis. Easy low key crooked military Pay taxes out my ass but they still harrass me. The streets of corruption got me bustin and cussin' in the concrete jungle Thoughts being dribbled like that tall kid Mutumbo Handled by Hannibal Soon I'm gonna be a fugitive like Dr. Kimble. Hey yo should I slow down? Nah kid go faster, Just cause they got a badge, they could still be impostors. Probable cause, got flaws like dirty draws Meet me at the corner store so we can start the street wars. Warn the town the beast is loose, Ah - ah, Ah - ah, Word 'em up y'all