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Black (Olympos Mons)

Stony mountains Cold and gray Even thundering seas between us lay So they say And light of stars was in her hair I've never seen a maid so fair She owns the sun and the moon above Listen high one I've tried to be brave Will this place become my grave All in vain And light of stars was on my mind I couldn't see 'cause I was blind She was the sun and the moon above Rivers flow and waters rise We give our life for paradise Will we ever see the sun again Broken rocks will bruise my flesh Cold winds wrack my bones As I'm walking in the driving rain When the black wind blows Through the darkened fields From the east a storm is rising The dying sun is slowly fading Bless my soul I will keep my vow I will raise my shield The fire died the moon is glowing Filled with fear of death I'm waiting But I will stand tall Time is turning The red moon screams Too many nights without a day I fade away And light of stars shines in her eyes Silver tears falls when she cries She moves the sun and the moon above Is there a dawning A magic spell Is there a way out of this hell Oh yeah And light of stars will fill my heart Everyday that we're apart She is the sun and the moon above At dawn the nightingale will sing And all the holy bells will ring The winter's passed I'm coming home again I've been away, wandering far Beyond the moon and ray of stars Will it ever be the same again When the black wind blows