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Myth Of Lasting Sympathy (A Lot Like Birds)

Someone cool gave me my dreams last night i barely stood before a darkened closet bearing skin and soul before its unseen thoughts you will never be the creature you were when you were younger it whispered we get disconnected from our childhood we tell our stories like we read them in a book but had not lived them i dont remember much from them but i do remember what a closet becomes when the lights go off and i know the many things that fill it up when we used to have dreams like this we call them nightmares we ran barefoot through the halls of our house and climbed to our parents sheets like they were the only real things left in the world and my mother she would save us; you and I she would lead us hand and hand through the hallway and make us feel silly for (cant make out) and im here now, barely standing in a land of dreams before it and i see it i see myself as a child sitting inside scared, crying. you have every reason if all we grow up through song and story learning that love is everything in this world and that we will believe it and want it more than any single thing i know that when we have it we will destroy it and that when we grow up you and i we cheat that we find the girl and that we lose her beause we learn to love ourselves much more than the friends that we make will drift away one we leach them dry that the mother would turn our dark and scary hallways into backways to her bedroom will call us and miss us and love us and we will stay hidden then really we will be cool and the stories we were told to us before we fall asleep the heroes are ideals that never did reach and the villans are absolutely ordinary and we are absolutely ordinary and you stare back at me through the closet and into the world that i never really changed and ask me the only you want to know when we grow up do we still get scared when the lights go out.