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Tantrum (A Lot Like Birds)

Save your arms and legs cause you're the mother and no one will hold us up for so long. We will always resort to fodder. We crawl in the crack, falling through your limbs. If she was here, she'd say be careful but she'd already let it go. Do as I say, not as I've done. Just trust in me. Believe me. When you left me, you didn't leave me a trail to follow. No, you just swallowed all the crumbs along the way So you could feed all the ghosts that hide inside your bones Cause maybe if their mouths are full they'll stop whispering that you're better off alone. It wasn't nice of you to go out without saying goodbye. So I think I'll hunt you down and punish you. Good luck trying to hide. My temper's a teacher with a hell of a lesson plan. You might know this but I've got a rifle and stifling manners. You control this and any consistency scares me from progress. I don't show it but I'm catching on and can see through the pattern. Don't talk! Read this! Your strong upper hand will get lost in the process. Got matters to attend to and methods to convince you to stay right where you Are you ready to apologize? I won't believe you but it's worth a few tries. Don't look down! Look in my eyes! Go on and feed me some lies. Lie to me! I make this into what you always keep from me. Although your secrets are locked away, You forget that you left me a key on a day that's just memory; When we were young and were happy. When lying on the bed with not a thing to do and words unsaid, We were certain that things were perfect. Of course I'm bitter thinking things would never change. I can't let go and this is why I always make this into what you keep from me.