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Empire Of The Sands (Nocturnus)

Fortress of steel I have acquird Behold, Behold the chosen one born of fire Victorious, death has won, rule of crueity Vicious experiments, creating synthetic slave Computer hypnosos, cerebral override Inventing new weaponry Building defence systems Force fields in operation Erecting redar dishes {chorus 2 times} Empire Of The Sands Mapping global surface regions Graphing seismic active areas Establishing aerial viewpoints Charting several outpost stations {chorus 2 times} Empire Of The Sands Testing elements in the ozone Mining useful mineral layers Drilling deep into the core Seeking power from the earth Building metal walls of armour Forging massive iron thresholds Circuits surrounds inner cavaties Vector brain controlling all Computer summons ancient evil Forces beyond recognition Evoking Gods of Sumerian orgin Deeply buried in the sands Obeying the matrix The tyrant commands Submissive controller Armies of the Empire