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The Killing (Nocturnus)

To Kill or Be Killed Through the Trees Bodies and Blades Carving the Pathway To the Checkpoint Awaken the Grass Weapons and Brass Anticipating Blood Spill From the Killing Pelted by Crossfire. Covered by Another Enemy Deterioration Schooled From the Get Go. No Sign of Victory Opponents Shot In Half Shotgun Peppered Flesh Back to the Thick Machetes are gripped Soldiers Marching Back To The Killing Pools of Blood. Ankle Deep Stain the Grounds of Battle Scowls on the faces of the Heads on Stakes Retreat. Never a question Your Resistance is Nominal We Shall Rise. Infecting Your Existence Revenge Will Be Ours Several Of My Man are Dead Marginal Amounts Completed The Mission The Circle Has Been Broken Mission Complete