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The Science of Horror (Nocturnus)

FEAR!!! OF THE UNKNOWN!!! FEAR!!! OF THE UNCERTAIN!!! Haunted, Plagued by horror from the beyond Hideus Forms, emanating figure, that lurks in the black Nightmare, visios from the dephts of ypur mind Lost... left without way... standing, standing alone Fallen, spiraling down, erratically, a labyrinth of time Silence, tongues in this realm. Speechless, words that have no sound Chorus Burning, at the stake like a witch Drowning, oh my god. I can't get a breath Torn apart, on the rack, no one will help Sharp teeth, dig deep in the skin Falling, smacking the ground, shattered to bits Fear not my blade Hunting for the next one I search for the scent Your life my essence I am the conqueror I am the one you fear I am atrocity Unbelievable sickness In my mind Don't worry. I will keep you Forever, and never I, have a place Safe, No one will hurt you here You can't fathom these things in your mind Feeble minded I am a higher grade, sentient creature You will never know What I'm made of It is imperative that I kill Otherwisetheymaysimply,neverunderstandme I will show them