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Crime Don't Pay (Ness Mike)

Drinking, gambling and women Stealin' hearts and playin' with guns But the laws the law and baby that's a fact And now I'm on the run But this song ain't about none of the above We're not punished for our sins, but "by them" Thought I'd get myself a little passion play But I can still hear them sayin'that crime don't pay My poor heart is aching It never did before It seems my "indiscretion" served a "painful lesson" And I'm still begging for more I tried to mix romance with deceit A little pleasure now with my pain And I felt the loss on judgement day And I can still hear them sayin'that crime don't pay! Pour yourself a drink now Make it a double and chase it with tears But take heed my friends to this warning I give Before you're faced with all your fears I'd rather face ten men than have a broken heart My crimes of passion have done me in I'm sentenced to life each and every lonely day And I can still hear you sayin'that crime don't pay!