A Storm of Swords (King Lich)

Weeping, the wall Assailed by freeborn men Giants and worse that time forgot Rapers and thieves Are sworn and bound to serve Brothers in black keep the watch Islands of iron Drowning men and god Blood and all its bonds are dashed apart Greyjoy, undone The fall in dead of night A ship on the horizon drawing near Prophecies of a greater undoing Azor Ahai and a gathering horde Listen closely, winter is coming Dark wings for dark words A storm of swords Unburnt, the queen Ascending with the whip Mother of dragons frees the slave Last of her kind Born of smoke and salt Waking the children out of stone Direwolf, the king Unwelcome wedding guest Ask bread and salt once through the gate Hidden, the lion Replace the traitor's head Debt is paid in full, hear them roar Prophecies of a greater undoing Azor Ahai and a gathering horde Listen closely for winter is coming Dark wings, dark words A storm of swords Champion, the mountain rides The viper strikes, the mountain dies The seven burn to please R'hllor The witch will win her master's war Accused, the imp, avenge the wife Escape, and end the monster's life Accursed, the kinslayer, the dwarf Revenge upon the lying whore Valar Morghulis Beyond the wall and the haunted wood Wights with black hands and bright blue eyes Ice spiders shimmer, pale and dead Soon the Others wage their war on the sky Beyond Dorne and the Dothraki Sea Three children are foretold for the one Heirs to the black dread, Balerion's throne Dragons growing in the heat of the sun