Axe Cop (King Lich)

One day at the scene of a fire I found the perfect fireman's axe That day I became Axe Cop Now I needed a partner I had try-outs and hired a partner His name was Flute Cop We had a dinosaur gang to kill We fought them with our axe and our flute I will chop will chop will chop your heads off I'm Axe Cop I wish for every weapon Psydrozon can't stop can't stop my onslaught I'll fight every bad guy I will save the world I wear catsuits at night I'll never fall in love I may one day get married If Sockarang's a girl But till that day I'm working All bad guys will be destroyed Axe Cop We cut off the mother and father dinosaur heads and we devised a plan Flute Cop got dinosaur blood on him and he felt strange Let's put these heads on a stick and then hide some bombs in them The dinosaur blood caused Flute Cop to transform into Dinosaur Soldier I will throw a baby To save the town from scum They explode robot heads 'Cause babies are dumb If you try out for our team You've got to show me all your moves I'll know by your front kick technique if you are good or evil It was time for a huge fight! Sockarang Uni-Man Vampire Wolfer Fire Slicer Ralph Wrinkles Wexter and I will attack you and chop off your head when we locate your hideout We know every fighting move and we are smart With lasers and robot suits and Mr. Stocker Kill bad guys at night and we only are starting to fight Our gun bill was really high and we needed another job So we got a new job at a fruit stand and we were getting tons of money We got to eat free fruit so we became Avocado Soldier and Axe Cop with Lemon Telescope Gun Cop came by With Uni-Baby to buy some apples Dinosaur Soldier: I'm gonna claw you with my claw Sockarang: I'm gonna whip your head off with my sock arm Wexter: Rarrrrrr! Me: I'm gonna throw a grenade bomb and you're... gonna... die!