Black Metal Sucks (King Lich)

Over there in Norway, the churches all burn down Let's go dress in goth clothes and get painted like a clown Awesome leather armbands with spikes like two feet long Hair is parted down the middle, frowning like a frog In league with the devil, talking Satan, skulls and hell Making mommy mad, cause that's original If you hate good music, then it can't hurt to go Image-conscious assholes, black metal fashion show I hope that you get hit by a bus. Why? Black metal sucks Careful not to smear your makeup You suck goth clothes and frowns, just like we discussed Black metal sucks Auuuuuuuuuugh What? You suck Blacke Foryst of Despayr, taking photos of the band Put 'em up on myspace you're the envy of the land Posing with a battleaxe and grimacing with hate When you're done with this, figure skating at the lake The music is best, it's got the hardest metal sound Quickly riffing on one note is certain to astound Dimly echoed drumming and some goat heads to distract From the terrible screeching that you pass off as your act I wish your black clothes would combust. Why? Black metal sucks You know what dude, you look like a schmuck You suck Singer sounds like a wounded duck Black metal sucks I'd rather listen to... us You suck You know how I know you look like a fool? Lich King rules We're the best band and we're super cool We rule Straight from the 80's and we're old school Lich King rules Running out of rhymes, so wading pool Thrash is the rule