In the End, Devastation (King Lich)

Mesozoic era, age of reptiles Permian period, mammals live in exile All at once there's a fire in the sky A wave of pure destruction in a sudden flash of light Cretaceous--Tertiary extinction event And everything is once more set to rights Order is built on unnatural law An attempt to keep chaos at bay But you only can postpone things from falling apart In due time everything goes away There's no hope No salvation In the end, devastation Cosmic fate A sad equation In the end, devastation Only Ever In the end, we die Roman empire crumbled into ash and dust That considered, what do you think will come of us? Time goes on and the cracks are evident Putting out the fires, an attempt to circumvent Fiscal, social or tectonic collapse There is no avoiding the descent There's no hope for our nation In the end, devastation Gradual, the Degradation In the end, devastation Only Ever Chaos Atrophy Entropy Naturally We all die We all die We all shall die There's no hope No cessation In the end, devastation Universal Condemnation In the end, devastation Only Ever All In the end, we die