Lich King III (World Gone Dead) (King Lich)

Regent rules over fields of fire Planes have been conquered and razed Part the mists to find the one time remaining, That one last uncivilized place The place is here and the time is now and the earth is the pearl that he craves Flash into existence with his legions of scum, fierce soldiers he called from the grave Grab... your gun... and guard... your home World... gone dead... There's no... more government, nations, diplomacy, peace, there is only the master of bone All hail the Lich King Boston is first of the cities to go And the undead sweep west like a plague Bombers, artillery, infantry, tanks go to war with the wretched awake The UN is panicked and countries unite as it's clear this is man's final stand Resources pool in a desperate bid And the focus is atomic command Can... not fight... The hordes... of ghouls... World... gone dead... So fire... your missiles and rockets and lasers and rail guns, but nothing will shorten his rule All hail the Lich King Air strike is called in and payloads are dropped Mushroom cloud is a fountain of ash Standing at ground zero, tall and unbroken He raises his sword and he laughs Man... has failed... and earth... glows red Bomb... sustains... The king... he feeds on the nuclear fire and chaos and channels it into his world... this world gone dead