Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb) (King Lich)

Last living thing has been brought to its knees And the multiverse worships the King Dimensional empire of smoldering worlds, Their ruler is standing alone The earth is a tomb and the sky is its pall And the dust is the people that failed Regarding his realm in its thundering death Calm at oblivion's door To the victor go the empty and bitter And terrible spoils of war There are no more worlds to conquer There's no one left to fight The fallout drifts in the wake of the strike And the cloud overhead blankets all Nuclear lightningstorm flashing A shadow is moving within Something has formed Something has spawned Fission, unlife Born of the atom Born of the dead Born... of the bomb Rising up there amidst towers of smoke is a Hydrogen-made skeletzar Doppelganger in all respects, body and mind, Powers mirroring those of the King Hammered iron and bone and a chestplate of Spiked armor all of it blackened by soot Billowing green from its empty skull sockets Tendrils of sickening light The undead lord regards the usurper And the newcomer returns the glare An accident of science A conjuration foul The King begins to cackle and laugh Realization sets in and the answer is clear His one worthy opponent In all of time, himself And at long last Something as strong No end to the coming fight Neverending battle has been Born... of the bomb Sword and axe are raised And the two things are joined in combat Sparks ignite from quickened strikes The fireballs are as raindrops and The thrumming lightning blasts Cannot kill the sorcerers Yet they carry on, his minions Cower horrified and horrible Crashing Striking Thrusting Slashing Hacking Chanting Casting Lashing out with all his might At the one made in his form Locked in blissful violence A perpetual and total war Cracking Smashing Cutting Blasting Crushing Bashing Gouging Laughing long and loud the undead lord A blackened denouement Atop their world gone dead the Maelstrom continues on