Office Politics (King Lich)

I'm a white collar death machine with murder on his mind A psychopathic madman caught up in the daily grind Inter-office enmity has brought me to this place I want to take a sharpie and then stab it in your face Backstabbing chickenshit has gone over my head Told the boss about the files that I knew I should have shred Now I'm in my cubicle and darkly thinking how I could end this punk with pain and settle back and disavow I wish it were 5 o'clock Wait for you out in the parking lot I could kill you I will kill you I will finish the job you should have done for yourself Mosh! Take a ride to Staples on my lunch hour just to check If they're selling something I could use to stab you in the neck Maybe human resources has something I could read That'll help me practice policy while causing you to bleed I take my glasses off and I loosen up my tie It's almost time to go help a brown noser to die Say goodnight to Bob and take the elevator down Grab a tire iron and then put it in your crown You know you asked for this Fight for your life, stand and try to resist I can kill you I will kill you Put down your briefcase and ready yourself for the pain