Predator (King Lich)

US Special Forces Head into the jungle Hostages trapped Rescue the friendlies, eliminate hostiles Watcher above Cloaked and unseen Infra-red vision Stalking the hunted and poised to attack Skinned and hanging all the soldiers are dead Dog tags are steeping in blood Guerrilla post is found and the battle is led Bullets rain down in a flood Something is seen in the midst of the trees Anna runs and Hawkins gives chase The jungle comes alive and the soldier is seized Disappears again with no trace Predator Predator As they search for the body Jesse Ventura Struck by a laser Dead on the ground and the creature approaches Mac to the rescue He sees the monster Mind starts to break Transparent enemy with luminous eyes Machine gun fire cuts the foliage up Minigun is humming at speed Trap is set and something is cut Wild boar distraction succeeds Hunting the thing Mac and Dillon pursue I'm gonna have me some fun Mac's head is blasted apart into goo Apollo Creed's arm's off, he's done Predator Predator Time to bleed Billy, Poncho, Anna, Dutch are all that remain Get to the chopper and try to escape the insane Billy makes a stand and Dutch takes a dive Barely escaping, barely staying alive You can not see me Earth is my armor You hear me, war cry Calling you out You will not find me Easy to deal with You will not find me Easy to kill Predator Predator Predator Predator