Terror Consumes (King Lich)

What mind can't devour itself? Atrophied ego, degenerate cells Just beyond the curtain of dark An unknown number, an unseen attack Suggestions of something beyond Moving about in dark attic rooms Subconscious thought working against Your own will Terror Consumes Dread's geometric design Evolution's byproduct, sickening fear The mind simply cannot abide All of the things that it can't stop creating Branches aligned in the sky Brain is imprisoned and skull is a tomb Beckoning arms of the night Calling you Terror Consumes Terror Consumes No release from horror Recreation recombines Charming by the light of day By night it realigns Anxiety will overcome And all the world's askew You can't see the ghost But be assured, the ghost sees you Pale radiance as day breaks again Heaving a sigh as the witch takes its leave Go hide in the hours of the sun But time is a cycle, it's finite, and soon is it spent On the horizon the sun Is dying and red in a worsening gloom You will return to the house that you built Terror Consumes