Waste (King Lich)

Living up to nothing and for no one and for naught Only moving fast enough to keep from getting caught Hell is the horizon but the focus is the same Play and turn a blind eye, circumstance will take the blame Bills are piling higher and the stream is running dry Wallowing in talent yet you're living in a sty Cave walls closing in and all the voices are outside Excuses and attrition and a failing sense of pride Can't recall a thing that people helping you have said Invested in, encouraged and then left to rot for dead Waste You've been wasted all this time Waste Entire adult life lived in Slime and filth and atrophy, entropic disarray Tools are close to hand yet opportunities decay Bottom of the barrel and the staves are prison bars money is a trickle but the debts are like the stars Waste You're a waste of mother's care Waste Waste of precious space and air Life is just a string of instances of deep regret Dying old and unloved is an ever present threat A line of dull occurrences and passing idly by Continuing to breathe but not a soul can tell you why Human history didn't need you, you weren't wanted and are dismissed Waste Walking waste of genes A pillar of sloth without a reason to live Waste Just waiting to die You're taking forever just to pass through the sieve Just pass through the sieve