We Came To Conquer (King Lich)

Hey guess what, bitch, we're back Let's get down to business Beard, short hair, and I'm fat Yet I'm killing this shit Patch your vest, grow your hair It won't make a difference You're an ass if you care that we look like this But if you feel it Get up and bang No frills, no costumes, no ads in Kerrang Get in formation Join the throng We came to conquer We came to conquer Labels don't give a damn We're not using keyboards Eye makeup on all their bands Opportunist whores Cashing in on a trend Play safe to the middle Are we sour, in the end? Yeah maybe a little But if you feel it You're frustrated too Riffs are what matter You know it if you're true Hairstyles and cellos How dare you We came to conquer (all of you) We came to conquer Rob! Hey, Gama Bomb You didn't write this riff so hey, Warbringer Eat our Lich King dicks Hey, Havok We just put you to shame and hey, everyone, if you're not us you're lame Cause we've got the fire And we've got the force The Waste was a starter, But we're the main course Maybe other bands play and maybe Manowar kills But none of that shit matters Lich King rules We came to conquer We came to conquer Conquer them