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Burning Gates (Winterstorm)

flames all around there's no chance to escape how can one change sudden fate heat devastates the intruder of faith beyond consciousness the stone awakes and sorrounds him glowing with power of life FOLLOW THE MIGHT OF THE STONE PASS THE BURNING GATES OF CATHYRON THE ASCENSION HAS BEGUN FOLLOW THE LIGHT THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT FOLLOW THE LIGHT OF THE STONE PASS THE BURNING GATES OF CATHYRON YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE YOU ARE THE HOPE FOR EVERYONE master of fire I'm claiming your part I came to bring union of four you must prove your worth we will read your mind but remember the one thing many have tried though no one could claim it before we are the ashes no one can claim our fire we are the luster we know your true desire love is your arson your demand is altruistic you are the bright son kneel down and receive FIRE