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Dragonriders (Winterstorm)

United we're still standing here Waiting on the edge of time Still don't know if the end is near Will this be uprise or decline The longest journey lies behind We travelled through the deepest seas Learned so much but didn't find The liberating key Looking in the sky to find The northern star again one day There is nothing there's no light Just the dragon's spray Feel the wind touch the sky On the dragon's wings we'll fly Close your eyes you can see with your mind We arise from the ground Stay unnoticed without sound Ancient force we will get from the sign Was it tale or was it real Yet I'm seeking on a quest How can we break the final seal When comes our time to rest Will tomorrow be a sunrise May we return back home Will the world be set in ice We're not alone We rule the skies We are the dragonriders We'll never die Our fire enlightens the night