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Elders of Wisdom (Winterstorm)

this land was once fruitful now it's parched and all has died even all the elders gave their lives the sands of time I hold the stone of old power help of the elders I seek I need to find them their tower I can refill their run dry creek ELDERS OF WISDOM ARISE I HOLD THE WATER REVIVE REFILL THE ANCIENT ELEMENTS TO MAKE SURE THAT DARKNESS ENDS the fountain of life drained long ago no one could escape only the water from down below has the potential to wake now I got the element from deep down in the seas I have the might to awake them all I will set them free we are free from our chains you released us now we serve Teron what's your longing you will get what you deserve all parts united feel this power summon the gateway for me I can defeat them their tower obey my wish and see