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Metalavial (Winterstorm)

join and listen to this metal cause iron is grave in life some think metal's for battle those live on the edge of time battle hymns we sing together once again the hammer trusts blooddrunk and bound forever in fate of norns we trust unbent unbowed unbroken you'll reach the netherworld and hear the crimson thunder louder than hell TIMES OF METALAVIAL - ALL PARTS UNITED METALAVIAL - ONCE AND FOR ALL METALAVIAL - WE RIDE THE LIGHTNING NOW THE DARK KING WILL FALL the fire of the stone is burning 'til the dawn of victory the northwind is his yearning see the shine of silvery come now and trust our words deep in the darkest night join us and sate your thirst we enforce the final rite come and assert your rights together we bend his soul deep in the splendid times of METALAVIAL