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Sail The Unknown Seas (Winterstorm)

We set sail for unknown waters We don't know how much time we will spend Full of ice is the horizon Come what may our lives we'll defend Feel the snow drops on my shoulder Wind and coldness they can't change my mind I'm a son of dauntless Vikings Take all the courage for the last fight There I see a light I see a shimmer far aside What what can it be is it the ship to set me free Look up to the sky See the seagulls fly Horizon is far Sail by the stars Free my memory from the scars Think of former times Times of shoreless life This destiny Why must it be We have to sail the unknown seas The wind blows straight into the canvas The ship's bow cuts the highest waves We sail under blackest standards The sea will once be our grave I once had a dream of freedom Hoping this tale could once be my fate I know that our men are coming I trust that they will soon reveal hate In our captain we will now trust He navigates through unsafe seas We're catching up the drift assists us On our way to the great reef Now listen men I got an order I will see them all hanging high Their blood shall stain the darkest water I will watch their captain die