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The Maze (Winterstorm)

all four parts achieved to the tunnel I'm turning the union is yearning it has opened for me all I see is a huge maze full of endless ways into the darkness I head a shadow appears in the front it approaches to hunt is it safety or threat my eyes are betraying to darkness I'm praying seeking resort from this place swart find the escape to leave the maze GUIDE ME THE WAY THROUGH THE ENDLESS TUNNEL FOR I LOST MY WAY EVERY PATH I CHOOSE IS A DEAD END NO LIGHT OF THE DAY LEAD ME BACK TO THE ROAD I MUST GO AS MY FORCE HAS TO GROW a creature strong as a bear he was born in the dark his skin's hard as bark true friendship is rare he is swearing it to me the daylight I will see I found a new friend with his help I'm advancing through walls he is lacing no more dead end he is breaking the walls down razing them to the ground in the darkness you must travel 'til you reach the other side seize your power for the next into the desert you must ride