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Windkeepers (Winterstorm)

the order of crow commanded me to enlight the bonfire up high the stairs of the tower lead into the blue the tower is covered in ice no fire is able to enlighten the flame a hundred believers have tried but Teron takes the fire's part so it will burn so bright the elder can't believe his blinded eyes he arrests the chosen one for telling lies friar can you help me make the elders see LIGHT THE FIRE IN THE SKY CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN UP HIGH SO THE FLAME WILL BURN AGAIN AND EMBLAZE OUR GLEN LIGHT THE FIRE IN THE SKY AT LEAST YOU MUST TRY SO YOU BRING THE LIGHT AGAIN KEEP THE SPARK AFLAME AT ALL TIMES the curious monk begins to hope he starts to climb he starts to lope the friar sees the shining light he knows the stranger has been right step by step he's running low the stairway to the crows elders listen closely the strangers speaks thr truth