Wild Out (Borgore)

I'm in hotspot, little hole in the wall Two twitter wrecks, it's just blacked out High as fuck, 'bout to pass out My swag in, your swag out Hit the stage, girls titties out When I hit the stage bring the city out Ballin' hard, 'bout to foul out Pop a bottle nigga, wild out Wild, wild, wild out Pop a bottle nigga, wild out I'm slim thuggin' with these Ray Bans I'm on a thug shit,??????????? That champagne need a bad bitch Icy wrist with with a icy neck Reach for that, I'll leave you wet Waka Flocka Flame in a place where Gettin' money ain't a crime So why you watching, wasting time Tell me are you ready Hit the streets and we wild out Club having we ball out And ain't watching no haters 'cus ya'll Can't fuck with us, can't fuck with us Can't fuck with us, we get crazy Come fuck with us, come fuck with us Hit the street, we wild out, Club having we ball out Come fuck with us x4 Pop a bottle nigga, wild out Money, money, no running out I don't know what you talking 'bout Tell me if you ready Bad bitch with a foul mouth What the fuck you hating for Give me your round of applause I'm in first place like Usain Too true like 2 Chainz