A Hoe B - 4 Tha Homie (King Tee)

Yo nigga, let's go scoop up some of these hoes at the 'paradise', man Hey man, ah - I'm engaged now, man What? I'm engaged To that bitch? Aw man, don't be talkin about my woman like that Oh, now you're gon' trip on me Wait, wait, hold up, hold up How you gon' go and put a hoe before me? When I'm the one that helped your broke ass on the streets 'damn, I'm starvin, what you got to eat? I'm short, I need a place to sleep' Oh, but amnesia, that damn skeezer Made you forget who was down witcha I thought birds of a feather flock together And don't a damn thing change but the weather But now I know the real, I guess I had it all wrong We used to hit the ides until the shit was all gone Where was she when you needed niggas off your ass And who'd you come to get to go blast? Not that once-a-month-bleedin, always on her knees Suckin every tom, dick and harry like a berry I seen her with a trick at the motel 6 And you still tryin to get that bitch afro fix She got you by the nuts, playin with your wiener Wrapped around her finger when the last time you seen her Well, when you do, bust her lip And if you don't, you'se a bitch So sit down when you piss, muthaf**ka (it's a shame, but it ain't no thang to me) --> deadly threat The bitch got you gone, talkin on a phone Tellin muthaf**kas when you see me, it's on But little do he know that she a zero And I'm still her favorite superhero See, I got the 411 on a hoe Just like I was tellin you before You're just a piece of the mission Guess where her lips been? I told you don't be kissin, but you don't listen Yeah, jaws (jaws) jaws the only hoe I ever saw That could suck a basketball through a straw She don't like niggas with nissan trucks Unless they got the monster bumps That's right, honey, bunny's money-hungry And she'll frame ya, she's out to getcha Get the picture, cause the bitch'll Take you for a long-ass ride like the hitcher So don't be surprised if they find you in a ditch With your guts hangin out lookin like top ramen And when I see the bitch, I'm bombin Cause she's a false tenderony, plus tossed balony And she ain't your home, she's a hoe Don't put a hoe before the homie (hey yo bitch, you better tell em) --> ice cube Who's wearin the pants, who's wearin the pants, nigga? If you ask me, I think that her dick is bigger Than your little dick, and I'm tellin you, jay The bitch got you locked down like pelican's bay Now I told you if you f**k with the hoe She's guaranteed to have you trippin And me and you set-trippin I told my muthaf**kin crew To kidnap the hoe, and they came back with you I can't fade a nigga that's bitch-made Kool-aid pumpin, tell a bitch somethin She'll have your ass cookin dinner While she's lettin every nigga in her hood run up in her Got you runnin like bruce ginner, and the hoe be Pussy-whippin your ass like toby Now you act like you don't know me Only a mark'll put a hoe before the homies Word - this muthaf**ka is different Yeah Tell me your secret Not just any secret Just answer one question for me, baby Do you love me? I love you Very, very, very, very much Baby Can I come pick you up and take you shoppin? Spend all my money... I love you I love you Don't put a hoe before the homie