At Your Own Risk (King Tee)

It's at your own It's at your own It's at your own It's at your own risk, sucker Yo, whassup? Yo, what's happenin?, what's happenin?? E-Swift, you cuttin? the records, nice boy DJ Pooh, whassup man? We all chillin? Yo, yo, J-Ro's in the house We all cold coolin? out y'knahmsayin?? And I'ma bust it off like this for Compton Well, look who sprung up, comin? the f**k up I came in the place to let you know what's up With a bunch of trunk jewelry, two or three fat gold chains Ring plates with my name on 'em Yeah, I rhyme fly, real fly Hobbes I wear Nikes ?cause I run from the cops Pops taught me lots he said, "Toys are for tots" At four, bought me a box, when I was six I wore a jock ?Cause, my jimmy was gettin? kinda big At nine I was a kid but I took my first swig Hugged that Olde English beer So my peers wouldn't think that I was queer Yeah, right off I got the title of a gangsta Pranksters run because they know that there ain't a Person runnin? a verse on like this, hahahaha Whassup? This at your own risk, sucker Uhh, this at your own risk, sucker P-P-Pooh, man, f**k it People always say, "Are you the king of the West?" But there's always some pest who try to put you to the test Even though they know I'm king, I'm on a higher level I even dust the church and sold they soul to the devil I mean really, how you think I'm livin?? On the strength I'm livin? like it's Thanksgiving So yo, whassup turkey, tryin? to jerk me? Your rhymes don't work see, you can't hurt T The almighty individual, you said you knew But I don't think you really know About the K I N G, super cool mack daddy I drive a Caddy, and I'm livin? fatly Had me on stage in a rage Yellin? was what ya know, that's how I get paid Made my mark but rappers still insist to diss But yo, it's at your own risk, sucker Sup? It's at your own risk Aiyyo, E-Swift, bust the break Verse three is another one for those to remember King Tee is the champ, smashin? all contenders For those who disbelieve, just step in my direction I'm snappin? arms, legs and even necks and Suckers who thrive to drive me crazy You know the ones who front tryin? to amaze me Take it as a warnin? ?cause I'm hopin? that you don't diss But get a load of this, it's at your own risk, sucker Yo, it's all about me and DJ Pooh and E-Swift Rockin? the house, y'knowhatI'msayin?? We got Walkman in the house We got J-Ro in the house, we got Y'knowhatI'msayin?? We cold chillin, y'know? I wanna send this record out to the Piano Man Piano Man, won't you play somethin? for me? Aight, get busy, right here, c'mon, c'mon Get funky, get, get funky, c'mon, c'mon Get funky ass oh, ohh yeah Get funky, aww ooh shit It's at your own risk suckers, knowhatI'msayin?? Yeah, E-Swift, scratch that in Aww yeah, aww, you're doggin? it man Y'knowhatI'msayin?? See ya