Bass (King Tee)

Yo pooh, let's.. drop.. some.. Bass, to make the walls shake And vibrate the floor, just like an earthquake King tee is back again, but with a new topic I wouldn't listen too close cause it's toxic A new format, complete with the tool Even though I transform, I stay cool For me to get taken, how would you figure it Right off the bat, if you thought so would be ignorant Or just stupid, or cold dumb I play lead vocals, pooh plays drums Keith does cuts, suckers get torn but I gotta break, here comes the horns.. Bass, to make your heart shiver I know you, remember back when I used to wear silver But I gave it a toss, cause I was told That you're not a real b-boy, without real gold So i, went downtown to see How much is the thirty inch dookie It's quite a bit of money for a big gold chain Throw him a thousand then he hand me some change And now I'm cooler, in other words I got it goin Sway to the side, while I'm showin a professional skill That I put together with perfection I gotta clear my throat, punch in the horn section! Cause I need some boom, to crack the walls Break the windows, shake the room When I'm done take my photo, this is how it go though King of cool lyrics, and I'm solo As a rhyme preacher, shoulda been a teacher Let the bass reach ya, and let it beat ya Never givin up cause I persist to be the dopest I wouldn't take it as a gag or a joke it's Serious, bass drum kickin like a ninja You wanna dance to death, (? ) send ya If you say that I'm the coolest I'll probably say "truly!" But at this time I represent keith cooley Verse four, the part where I get it off Then, try to rush it cause the studio costs I mean the main idea is bass And you probably get a bruise when it's at your face, so Don't get mad or either angry at me I'm just a lyricist, and my name's tee The supreme cool kid who puts life in the mic I need bass from a drum, to hell with the pipe! Casanova fly guy, funky fresh in the flesh And to those who don't you best believe I'm the best If it's fashion I'm flashin, just like the drums {"hold it now.." - ".. here it kiddy come comes!"} Now keith! (yeah) how you livin homes? (l-l-like, like this..) Now everybody in the disco if you're feelin alright And you know king tee's the mc of the night Don't front, get up, let me know what's happenin Keith does the scratchin for the king tee's rappin I'm from compton though, I travelled the nation And from every different state I get different condescation I'm the {k-k-king..} so just give me some space Back up and just let {cool drop that bass!}