E Get Swift (King Tee)

(Everybody's dancin?) Get swift (Quiet on the set) DJ Pooh's in the house But yo, this is for my deejay Alright, check this out This is for you little weak deejays The weak record spinner, the weak P.A. Whoever's in charge of the turntable equipment You haven't heard cuts until you heard the ones Swift gets Yes, when I rhyme he keeps the break flowin? steadily Never off-beat, so suckers can't get ahead of me Your deejay's had it, we're terminatin? his membership E's back, now come again with some different shit You wanna learn about cuttin? and scratchin? and mixin? He'll be fixin? to show you some good tricks and A new style shown to those that's worthy Lord have mercy, he's number uno, first, E Swift, we call him Swift Because he's swift on the cut and scratch No one can match or catch, then stand back For those who wanna see him, I give you a good tip Have a seat and watch E get swift Watch him (Are you ready?) Watch Yeah Watch E get Swift (Are you ready, ready, ready, ready? Hey, listen to the man) Now what you just saw is probably funky to you You and your crew (But what about them girls?) Them too Who wants to step up, some never kept up They wanna flex up, so E-Swift wrecks up Shop, hops, so how could you diss E? You need to play like Janet and just miss me With that conversation, that blah-blah-sation E, bust a rap while I go on vacation E-Swift, the golden deejay with the knack to make a track To make you dance till your back snap Pooh on the drum, the cuts, mine K I N G Tee writes the rhyme So wack deejays who run off at the lip The ones who talk shit while your records skip In a battle (Battle him) You need mo' practice My cuts are more sharper than the needles on a cactus Yo, that was dope, E-Swift Check this out But you got some dope scratches and cuts Yo, yo, yo, bust it Turn it out, DJ Turn it out, listen up, Mr. Deejay Listen up, hey, listen to the man He is the master of a scratch, huh, huh He is the master of a scratch and cut, huh, huh