Guitar Playin' (King Tee)

Hey King Tee, since this beat is kinda rockin' I'ma let you rap and get the suckers cold clockin' So yo loc', hear the beat I'm displayin' (Yep) But now listen to the guitar playin' Listen to the guitar playin' One, two, three Yo, now if you're hip to me then I guess you heard bass But I got another instrument to flaunt in your face It's not a flute or a trumpet, don't beef 'cause you love it A funky guitar rhythm that Pooh sampled and cut it So for those who really know what dope stuff sounds like If it sounds good, sounds funky or sounds hype Put your ear to this and let me know what you think Yo Pooh, bust the guitar while I grab me a drink Listen to the guitar playin' Listen to the guitar playin' Now to many people this tune is like fazin' Get the crowd dancin' with the funkiest persuasion Hypnotizin' suckers with some personal-fication Get the crowd movin', motivation (C?mon) See I'm like a symbol to MC's, I'm a father No wait, I'm a lyricist, better yet a saga Enough about the King 'cause you know I get far I played with the bass, now I'm messin' with the guitar And the way that it sounds you say shucks It can't be real how the player just plucks on the strings It rings yo, it's like the funkiest rhythm Pooh brings the drums with the sticks to hit 'em It's not ballet jazz punk rock or swing, it's dope Rappin' brought by the T apostrophe King And if I was in school and this was an assignment I wouldn't type it or write it, I'd just rhyme it 'Cause rhyme is what I like, I got a metaphor background A punk jumps up, I bust a verse, he sits back down I wrote a epic, I hope you accept it Fly stupid rhymes I composed and perfected I'm down with some people that know what they're doin' Darryl and Bobcat and Dwayne and DJ Pooh And Keith Cooley is cool see, I'm the coolest person Somebody drop the guitar before I start cursin' Listen to the guitar playin' Listen to the guitar playin' So as it looks, the people like it The funky guitar tune that we ignited Pooh, I mean really, suckers be stumblin' When they hear the funky guitar strummin' You know frankly, I think this cut is kinda musical Just like my bass song but don't get them confused though The guitar gets your mind in the funky kind of state And my bass makes the walls shake (Yeah) Suckers can't come close with what I got goin' What I be doin', what I be showin' How I be conquerin' and how I keep rulin' What makes the King Tee stay so cool and Where I get my Filas from, how I learned my slang How could I afford such a big gold chain And fly girlies tempt me when wanna hit me Why I drink brew 'til my body gets tipsy To ask all the questions that I just spoke though It's not magic or a hoax I'm just loco I like bustin' on the funky dope track Smooth like T, mo' powerful than a gat Now that you know what's goin' around (Come on) Here comes the funky breakdown That's smooth, man That made me laugh at all these suckers, man You laughin' too Pooh? (Yeah, haha) Listen to the guitar playin' (Haha) Listen to the guitar playin' (Haha) Yo Pooh, yo Pooh, break it down for a minute Let me talk to the party Now yo, me and Pooh is feelin' real hot right now, you know But we want y'all to know, that see, me and my crew We from Compton, y'all heard about Compton? Compton (Compton) Aight, see that's where we from (Compton)