Tha Great (King Tee)

The majestic great from the head to the toes I ain't in a gang, I'm in my favorite clothes But I can scrap with any enemies or foes Cause I'm champion, just ask all my hoes Please don't push, or you wish that you didn't We're goin toe to toe, and it ain't no kickin My moves are kinda slick and my punches be stickin So put up your dukes, you little half-priced chicken Don't brother-brother me, cause I ain't your kin I'm aimin for the end, and I'm off that gin Tee came to separate boys from the men If I see another dance step, I'm shootin for the chin I sag when I stroll, cause I'm known as a hood I f**k real good, got trophies for the wood Hub city hangin, I love shootin fakes So bitch, make way for king tee tha great Come on (say yeah) (check it out y'all You don't stop Keep on) --> big daddy kane Back on the block I got juice with the gees I was writin rhymes while they picked up ki's Yeah, I got homies that be throwin up b's And I got family that be throwin up c's But to the o.g.'s it's all about paper Let's sling these birds and gangbang later I gotta be the great, cause ain't nobody greater A obvious rhyme would be e-swift is on the fader Since I'm out west I bought a holster for my glock Sittin on the roof at the muthaf**kin cops And the f**kin bitches that's burnin in a cock And lord forbid, don't let me see my pops Cause it'll be a buck-buck, and another buck-buck I don't give a f**k, he left mom duke stuck No remorse, cause I love shootin fakes So run, nigga, run, here comes king tee tha great