The Coolest (King Tee)

Yes yes y'all, it's not a secret no more The king b-boy tee has been washed ashore And I'm back I'm here to say if I'm a king then I should rule I'm the best for the job, you know why? (why? !) cause I'm cool.. .. see i'm Smoother than silk, cooler than an icicle Rough like a bully, I'm rollin like a bicycle Fresh like a virgn calculates like a math wiz You think you're bad? i'ma show you what bad is Microphone magician, it's the end when I start A confidential differential, I'm the state of the art Crowned king b-boy, the elite rap reverand Master of the ceremony twenty-four/seven Mc's don't fear me, I come in peace, ha Drapped in fila, or either elise Cause I'm the cool wop dancer, girlies romancer Suckers stay away I'll mess you up like cancer My style is original, not a subliminal You say to yourself there's no one better, than him you know Bustin all bustaz, killin all killers Tacklin mc's like a pittsburgh steeler I'm bolder than bold, I wear a lot of white gold The supreme king tee, I've got things in control Skeezers wanna clock me while I'm on my way to school You don't, have to ask why, you know the reason.. .. he's cool! I got a white gold crown, white gold ropes Sleep on white sheets, ski on white slopes Supreme to be exact you know I'm cooler than most When God gave out coolness, I took a whole dose I won't bother or nag you, to rhyme I'll be glad to You thought I couldn't get you but I already had you I know you heard my dj, is he good or what? Keith cooley is a killer, your dj's a mutt I wouldn't try to take him on he'll cut you up like a biologist He'll be the tutor, and I'm the talk-ologist You think he's new, well for you I feel sorry Cause see, he's been around since uncle jam's army Cool impresario, majority ruler I got a lot of money - go ask my jewler Def in the flesh is the cool king tela I talk more noise than j&d's talk fila I'm the most coolest and I sit on the throne Givin the latest fashions silver shines like chrome The king your royal highness better known as a cool rider Got a forty of olde e then I'll ask, let me try this Coolest of cool and my rhymes are essential To see me, guardians have to be parental Me and keith, are the teachers of the new cool school But not only that, I gotta tell you somethin.. I'm cool! Keith cooley! I can't rhyme about crack, I'm not the one to be tellin it The ones sayin don't are the ones that's sellin it I can't cope in other words I can't feel it If crack was a monster, then I'd kill it Cause I'm rough and I'm tough, and I come from l.a. Yo my name is king tee and I'm here to stay I got the courage of a bull, words of a wizard Hotter than sex, cooler than a blizzard Leader of the land, commander and the chief Bigger and bolder other words I got beef I got a posse at that, mostly, cold chillin Yours make thousands, mines make millions Not at all a gangsta cause I never do crimin I make a lot of money, by just cool rhymin Not doin it cause I want to but I'm doin it cause I hasta Coolest of the cool and plus I rule the rap classes Yeah my stuff is funky, and I'm the rap junkie Slammin sucka punks like a hurricane bundy And for the rap race place your bet on the king I run like quicksilver, fly like I had wings To you it seems like that I'm braggin a lot But I'm saggin a lot, because money I got I'm the mc dismantler, lyrical manipulator Eightball drinker, the new cool innovator I'm king tee, keith cooley is the dj No fakin or frontin, turntables do what he say Cuttin like a ginsu, makin bets against you The girlies go wild, keith prove that he can dance to Fila we wear, won't promise or swear Don't get too much comp cause mc's I tear In half, and laugh, cause it's just so hilarious To walk in a jam, and see the most scariest Punks in my way, tryin to see how I play I know they eat more rhymes than horses eat hay But I keep my cool cause see like, that's my image Stroll like a gangsta think you lost when I finish Grab me a skeezer, head towards the booth Cause I'm not only a king, I'm supreme.. and I'm cool!