Way Out There (King Tee)

Let's give it up for the fabulous {*scratched: "king tee*} Fa-fabulous {*scratched: "king tee*} Let's give it up for the fabulous {*scratched: "king tee*} Fa, fa-fa-fabulous {*scratched: "king tee*} All aboard the mothership, prepare to set sail Lyrics fat, swell as a killer whale Enemies approachin, identify yourself They're raisin up the flag, backin up they get to blast Open fire, cannons let loose Shut 'em down like the spruce goose Captain aye aye, they still floatin Give the order - blow they punk ass out the ocean, got 'em Drink hit the dank as they sink to the bottom Schools of sharks circles then the sea turned all purple Even jacques costeau punk-ass was scared to go And that just goes to show to uhh, let you know, uhh As I chill again like gilligan and the skipper A nigga kickin it with two hoes like jack tripper Swabbin the deck, just stabbin in my cabin Rubbed the magic lamp and out popped aladdin like "what's happenin? " I said, "what's up? I want my rhymes to be the dopest Ala.. cadabara.. hocus pocus You think they can see me? "he said, "nope not really Cause the fog's in the air plus you're way out there" When you look up in the sky, ohh me oh my It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a God damn shame Tela come wicked and you best beware You will see when he kick it that he's way out there My style pattern's unique, exquisite, so come visit Exhibit a through g, through z, e-n-t Stuck your equilibrium on activate Captivate the ear and then his eyesockets upon my pockets I left him in suspense, who's the, tribes and crews? Competition none exists bitches be blowin me kisses Others fall like missiles, the cap was artificially flavored My first verse, it quenched your thirst For instance, I'm makin people boogie but yet From long distance, causin it to interfere with your hemisphere Flee, it's a g recipe It get you hooked, havin fits off my shit They wanna wipe us out! I think they hate us Killers with the pencils and the papers and erasers I'm comin through ya living room boom, shok-a-lok-a boom Shake ya whole area, break your sound barrier So wake up if you sleep cause like a clock I tock I'm tickin Early bird, get the worm, and I stopped slangin chickens But I still be kickin facts, black, black on black crime Why the hell you jackin me? I don't have a damn dime My skills kill you like a deer with my spear When it rains it pours he fell from the tier off the third floor The pieces of the puzzle huh, figure it out And start f**kin around and we'll be diggin you out And it's just that simple put the thang up to your temple And now you got a permanent dimple It's king, tee, the name nigga and don't get snotty Better knock on some doors and ask somebody (yeah) So f**k that other shit and grab my hand with all your might Cause i'ma show you what that west coast like The flavor's unbelievable, nutritious, delicious Nigga when the tee get loose it gets vicious Let's give it up for the fabulous