We Got Tha Fat Joint (King Tee)

Wrap Then pass that joint ( *in the background* ) Where the joint, man? Somebody got it I ain't got it Check it out y'all Mad kap's in the house Nefrettiti's in the house And she finna kick it like this Come on now Come on So just call me the spark, held by the flame Once again my beats make white boys reclaim A stain on your brain, and yet I'm stayin the same Bust another rhyme, move into the hard time My lifeline revolves into a circle of zero And like for real I never liked no superficial hero Now this joint is fat, so spark up that fat joint And yes, you best believe I'm born again to prove my point To say the least, I know you know that hip-hop won't stop I smooth will get wreck, then pass me the joint Pass it around Pass it around Pass it around(2x) Improvisation is the key to this freestyle Hip-hop style, while jazz in the meanwhile Stride, glide, and all that good stuff Ride to the rhythm of this jazz, it's rough You're crippled in the brain from a late night feature The government is run by the beast and the creatures Hanger for the hook-up, for the jab it's junk They're comin in your speaker with the funk-fu-fu-funk Some want you to say today I can't fit on one caper Take out the seeds and begin to rollin papers Then I roll the blunt or a spliff or a fattie Feelin like a hood with a beanie in a caddy I love my herb, I love my money, cause I'm young, matty Never eat the pork, cause it's much, much too fatty So come down, selector, and give me my props I'm runnin through a field of marihuana crops I'm thinkin, all the green, fat, crazy, stinky buds Flow on the instrumental, cause this rhyme is not a dud Gettin crazy blunted, and you'll never say I fronted On the raps, cause I take the track and run it Into the ground, I'm ghetto clown number one Rhymes are kinda fat like two tons of fun Smash, boom, bam! and I never sound flam It's that nigga king tee with the mad kap band Gettin stupid high off the chocolate ghetto thai So pass the dutchie on the left-hand side King tee and nef, and the rhymes are on point But now it's time for coke to pass the f**kin joint Pass it around Pass it around Pass it around(5x) Now here comes the bomb... Pass it around, throw some flex in Peek-a-boo! I mean - ooh! I be fresh when I do that, but wait - who dat? it's the king Mad kap, nefrettiti's the queen With the sound of africa to the streets Somethin the man can't cheat And make it pop, cause we're already poppin So I'm whistlin, sittin on the dock by The bay, singin 'ay-hey,' can you copy? Boomin like a jeep, deep with my posse What's up, sister? yeah, it's mister K-i-n-g tee, I brung a mixture Of ruff rhymes, I drove by to shoot the pop rap Cause you know you gotta stop that Bullshit, but when my pull hits, it's on point And I got the fat joint Pass it around Pass it around Pass it around(4x)