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Cradle Song (Tomahawk)

For whom there crows Spies over fields of rice Of water lotus stream A plant with dew I will bring for you Little lovely dream A little lovely dream Dear eyes good night, in a golden light The stars around you will bleed For you I will press, soft caress Little lovely dream Sweet sweet shut your eyes The wild fireflies The wild fireflies dancing Through the fairy name Straight from the poppy bowl It was for you I stole And just for you I stole A still little lovely dream Hush demon baby Your time will soon come Your sleep will be broken By temper tantrum Hush demon darlin' Rest while you may For strife comes a living And working with the day Sleep momma dearest The tear upon my heart Sleep, sleep my darling Sleep, sleep sleep on Sleep, sleep my darling Sleep, sleep, sleep on I have brought for you A little lovely dream A little lovely dream When dawn lights the skies Open my eyes