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Flashback (Tomahawk)

Flashback The dolls, the hide and seek We dreamed of better things In the tall weeds I rolled with you Flashback Silhouette of the memory You're eyes are getting heavy And when I speak You sleep on cue 3, 2, 1 Did they make you wear a dress did they Held you down and tickled you did they Did they laugh and make you watch did they They wish they had a little girlie Come closer take a look inside Flashback Blueprints have been erased Matchbooks, butterflies, mornings The grass was wet I rolled with you Flashback Tentecles of my spirit grow Sit back, relax and hope The second time ain't like the first I'm a schoolboy why don't you teach me Bend over and we'll hush the squealing Put on the mask and dance for Daddy Wait for the world to say it's sorry You show me yours, I'll show you mine Flashback, flashback Listen to the song my blood is singing Listen to the song my blood is drivin', drivin', drivin', drivin' at you