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Death Penalty (Witchfinder General)

Life in prison, is it enough For what they do One day soon, so very close It could be you A life for a life, that's the way The only way I say The chair is best, also sweet The power's all we pay The power's all we pay We'll end it all today The power's all we pay Thirty years is all they do Less if they are good All this time we pay their way Goodies say we should Then they're out, they're on the loose To do it once again Back in they go, the more we pay We say they are insane They say they are insane Blown right out of their minds Really gone insane The people's vote it should be cast The murderers would not last Eject the filth from my lifestyle Keep them just on file To take a life it is a shame They've only got themselves to blame Death should be the penalty Quick and cold and finally Give them food and beds they say The people they will pay Treat them good and talk to them Teach them how to pray Does it work, of course not We'll end it all today As I said let's have a vote Let them know our way Let them know our way We'll execute today The power's all we'll pay How many victims unlawfully killed upon the earth Homicidal killers, can you tell me what they're worth They never have a reason, never tell you why We'll take their lives, save their souls, let them die