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Friends Of Hell (Witchfinder General)

Midnight approaches A circle is formed Their faces are evil Their minds are deformed They preach to their demons Sacrifice is prepared She's placed in a circle Oh and a dagger is beared I've caught them all a-gathering To commit a blood crime act of madness Their evil posessed minds Can kill with only gladness To sacrifice a young one To Satan on that day And perish after death The Satanist's on their path Human corpses from the grave Used in worships I am dismayed Satan pleasures yeah deaths and treasures Must be ready no not delayed. The sacrifice is prepared Her naked flesh was pure They wrap her in some red vines No sight for good I am sure Then shout their words of evil Brainwashed into their minds The sacrificed dagger 'Tis placed in hands which bind Devouring human flesh just to spill his blood like rain Satanists rage against mankind Take away his brain They've sold their souls to Satan Their witchcraft it is obscene To be a dedicated disciple To Satan this does mean But I am here, They see me and they freeze I shout the words of sacred scrolls on my knees A steaming stench, their flesh it runs like oil I hear their master shouting from under the soil