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Invisible Hate (Witchfinder General)

Economy it fills my mind I don't know where to turn The laws, the rights, the outta sights You know they all should burn People saying don't tell me That's none of my concern One day close, so very soon You know they'll learn Invisible hate inside me now Invisible hate 'cos I am down Invisible hate inside me now Invisible hate I've gotta get out Peace is what I need right now So thing don't you start Go away and leave my soul And leave my broken heart 'Cos if you stay you'll provoke me And I know I'll die So go away now, go away now High, high up into the sky Invisible hate I still don't know if you'll leave me I hope you will before you kill me Here I am, I tried to fight you Hope I can and not delight you Invisible hate when there's no joy Invisible hate I've got oh boy Invisible hate inside my soul Like in your head are girls that go I've fought my hate now here comes joy How I fought it I don't know oh boy Some say God, some say faith I say sex, drugs, rock and beer My beer I've fought