Another Day (Brooklyn Bounce)

You ain't got no ends in mi casa-Method Man from 'Method Man' Puerto Rico hooooo Doo Wop: If your Puerto Rican and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) If your Puerto Rican and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) If your black, spanish, white whatever everybody clap your hands And it's the Puerto Rican rebel Crank up the treble bump up the bass Doo Wop goin' ape The kid from the tape What's Goin' On What's Goin' On Fat Joe: Niggas can't deal with the real WORD IS BORN Doo Wop: My nigga Joe good lookin' check it my title never got tooken From San Juan to Brooklyn I am the undefeated undisputed Eat cootchie fiend it every time I gets buddhed Sip Corona with Mona the bitch from Myona I didn't bone her (why?) cause she's a blood doner And you know about the virus Fuck 5-0 Doo Wop is New Yorks Finest DJ slash MC competition envy Cause I bounce in each and every Benzy Check me with Frankie Cutlass Uh Boriquas On Da Set motherfuckers Hook Mic check Boriquas on the set Yeah you ain't got no ends in mi casa-Method Man from 'Method Man' (4x) Fat Joe: YEAH guess who comes out the camp The undisputed heavy weight Bronx champ Niggas know the time niggas know the deal Niggas know that nigga Fat Joe is mad real Check it who wants to disrespect Iraq connect I take your life in a sec (boom boom) Fuck around now you Snaggle Pusses foe Flip it in spanish and be like ?mamma man lecho? It's the illest nigga from the BOOGIE DOWN Represent everyday with the FOUR POUND Rap aggressor, MC stresser When ever horny I'm fuckin' bitches on my dresser Even downtown white boys recognize Fat Joe number one yo it ain't no surprise I'm rippin' mics for days to days And I plan to Be Around like Frankie Beverly and Maze Fat Joe on the track with Frankie Cutlass Yo Boogie bring on the motherfuckin' ruckus Hook Evil Twins: I sit back and I simply wonder rappers ponder I stick I move my crew makes noise like thunder It's the third haven't you heard thats another story The board of Rican is steadily seekin' for my piece of glory (yeah) When I say glory I don't refer to riches Cause riches put a lot of niggas in our new ditches Sometimes material dreams make ya scheme Now ya nature graffitti on the wall in the streets scenes Check it attention eruption invastion My height, my pride my stride means I'm not caucasion Yeah you best leave this kid alone I have melatone not fully blown But I've been known to bless a microphone See True & Binky keep it real kickin' street facts Head cracks for the blacks and the aerowax My Aztec roughnecks get love too And if you ain't from the ghetto then motherfuck you Hook