The Dawn (Brooklyn Bounce)

[Intro: Masta Killa] We gon' take this back, crazy old school Off the head one time, get a DJ something to a-- Chika chika chika chika chicka chicka chhhh Get 'em something to scratch, yaknowhatimsayin? My nigga Choco, Jam Master Jay on the 1's and 2's It's Allah Math, Red Alert, Marley Marl Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex and uh, Mr. Cee I can't forget, Sway and Tech Jazz Joyce, DJ Clue, Cocoa Chanel I be Jamel, I rocks the mic well, well Rock the mic well, well, well.. [Masta Killa] On and on, to the break of dawn Hot Butter on, say what? The popcorn Freak 'em to the left, while we rock 'em to the right Brooklyn in the house, who wanna fight? Can we bounce? Roll to the skate ya rock Hip to the hop and ya don't dare stop Come alive party people, gimme what you got I guess by now you can take a hunch Fine, I'm the ninth member of the bunch Rockin' old school ain't shit to me MC's OD on the shit that I wrote Can we smoke while I'm drinkin'? I'm thinkin' of bonin' Sugar, I wanna ride yo ass until the mornin' Who you moanin: Jamel Arief, High Chief, comin' outta East Medins [Chorus: Masta Killa] Ladies in the house if ya clockin' Gs Sippin' on drink, Long Island Iced Teas Lookin' real good from ya toes to ya weave Tell the fellas back up and like let ya breathe Fellas in the house if ya know ya live Punch niggaz in the face from Cali to Bed-stuy Handlin' the steel if the shit get real Just flip a pie and stack ya mil' [Masta Killa] Activation, mind starts sparkin' Constant elevation, sky walkin' David Thompson, my Wu niggaz stompin' Down the boulevard, shakin' yo ass You better watch yo self, I'm type slick With a nice size --- lemme see you work it She wanna suck it in public Ol' Dirty Bastard can use it on the visitings, you wit it? Then holla like wheels on appeal, don't squeel Just keep it on the 'lils, for the Masta Kill Just givin' you somethin' that y'all can feel I see you in the hood, then ya fam from Tilden Slid through the back of the buildin', heat concealed in Stare to your place Rae bomb the elevator, an Incarcerated Scarface, here, taste The lace from the dominant race to the base In ya face like paste, baby doll Uh, uh, uh, uh, yes yes y'all Welcome to the block party, shots lick off You might wanna hit the deck, but stay calm It's only us, every thing's steelwell plush We freakin' the streets, the Shiek shows the beat {*echoes*} [Interlude: RZA (U-God)] One two, one two I'ma try this one more time, son Lemme in there, yo put that nigga back son (Yeah, hit hard) [Masta Killa] Like... hip hop, like socialize Clean out ya ears and ya open ya eyes Liquid Sword to the city Peace Allah Just, that's one of the committee Let's hook up the 6 for a chess contest Leave a little stress I'll snatch a bag of the Uptown's best Make ya love it when ya smell it It's the velvet, block of chocolate for a hundred Dredd' got pounds, if ya wanna get down Or we can catch 'em on the next round My universal sound is like world reknowned World reknowned, world reknowned My universal sound is like world reknowned {*echoes*} [Chorus]