X2X (We Want More!) (Brooklyn Bounce)

Ready to go You can’t stop us ‘cause we rock the show Allright X2X this is a new dimention Brooklyn bounce The next evolution of a revolution X2X Allright No cover We’re comming correct My bass Acid, trance, hardcore, dancefloor X2X ready to go X2X Allright X2X X-pect the Un-X-pected You know the deal Brooklyn Bounce us for real There is something out there but we want more you can’t stop us ‘cause we want more We want more Let’s go X2X Allright let’s go X2X is what I feel X2X is comming real X2X ready to go Allright X2X X2X Bass to Bass We’re gonna rochh the place Brooklyn Bounce We want more X2X We want more You better raise your hands now X-pect the un-X-pected ‘cause we want more You can’t stop us This is no deal This is how we feel ‘cause we want more Are you ready to go? X2X X-pect the un-X-pected we want more X2X X-pect the un-X-pected X2X is comming real We want more X2X Allright You can’t stop us X2X ‘cause we want more ready to go X2X We want more Allright