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After The Fall (We As Human)

Why do I even think In a world that has stopped thinking? Is there any way to know What is good, what is bad All the lines are fading But are they fading? Or are they being erased? Or have we all slowly changed? I can feel the changes. Don't cry for long, Our time is coming closer. I muse within my mind. How can I take something falling, And raise it to fly again? I know I can't, I know I can't, But I know God can. So put your life in His hands, Make Him your obsession. Let Him take you, break you Let Him make you Into more than a man. Don't cry for long, Our time is coming closer. Don't cry for long Our time is coming closer. Aren't you sick of how the churches In America are today? They just wallow in their traditions And their old religious ways. They're so afraid of change They derange, and water down what they say So as not to offend the ones who pay the bills These preachers They stand with their suits and their ties And they only wear them When they're in the public's eyes Cause they're fake and they know it. But they don't want you to know That inside, they're human just like you. So they stand on their stages Next to the flower arrangements That were probably paid for with the missionary's fund. And we worship them like idols And we say, "Who needs the bible, When we have a pastor that always is just so much fun?" I'm not saying they're all this way I'm just saying we need to change Don't cry for long Our time is coming closer Fight through the pain of it all And remember that rising comes after the fall.