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Somewhere Else (The Old Dead Tree)

Somewhere else, Anywhere far from this place (I) can no more breath While I remember your face Today again (I) won't come to weep for your remains Can't find the strength Oh yes I'm coward, yes I'm afraid But please don't look at me now I think that I won't bear To brave this confusion Oh yes I'm coward but I don't care Oh please don't look at me now (I) Won't come to stare at the show Of your bed made of stone Of the worst thing you've ever done I can't Come to blossom your grave My feelings Should fall in pieces (And) dissolve in my veins I don't know if one day I don't know if one day I'll come To read the beloved name Engraved on your new home I don't know if one day I don't know if one day I'll come I don't think that I will (Be)cause I'll be somewhere else I can't find the words In front of your mother I now that I'm sad But I feel better than her I can't imagine The hell she's been living in Since the day you've gone You, the younger son. Her feelings have felt in pieces (And) dissolve in her Veins "The difference between guilt and shame is very clear: We feel guilty for what we do. We feel shame for what we are."