Unrelenting (The Old Dead Tree)

I can't hide Myself from this terrible Feeling of Frustration that finally Led me out Of reality, leaving Me without strenght How can I face myself? It's growing Inside my ming A threath I can no define This strange feeling screams Deafening as a Horn Since the day I was born Shall I stop And try to face it Burning in stifling heat? I'm on my knees What the hell is that thing? It is unrelenting This is the sad story Of a boy in love with apathy But feel no mercy with friends The boy will ask for help until the end of time I'm feeling sad I'm feeling sick I'm feeling bad But I'm too weak to face this decline It is always by my side This feeling's driving me mad And now I can only implore But they don't want to gibe me the love I'm begging for In their eyes I can see The spite and the growing anger toward me But what else can I do for them? I do my best, it's true I'm not able to live on my own So please just leave me alone. What the hell can I do for them If I don't feel ashamed? This is the sad story Of a boy in love with apathy